Stories of Christmas miracles have always been a  huge part of the magic of the holidays. A Denver couple has one of those stories with the arrival of their baby daughter, Brynlee, born December 21, 2016.


On Tuesday Matt Dugger took his pregnant wife Kirstin to the hospital. Their delivery due date was the end of January, but doctors noted the baby's dimming heartbeat and did an emergency c-section.

Doctors monitored Brynlee’s health closely knowing Kirstin’s past and the couple’s age.The couple, both in their forties, have been married 20 years and have suffered four miscarriages. The new baby will stay in NICU for several weeks before her parents can take her home.

In years to come, Brynlee with likely be told stories of her miraculous arrival and how she stole all of our hearts. Welcome to the world, baby!

Source: 9News