More than a few times today I have seen a few Facebook friends sharing an article about NBA legend, Michael Jordan, being robbed at gunpoint and I did a little sleuthing and wanted to help quell this rumor before it's shared any further.

The story goes like this; Michal Jordan was doing a shoe signing for the release of the Gamma 11 shoes and someone stole his shoes at gunpoint and made him autograph something. The story is laced with a lot of profanity and racial slurs that look like they are from a police report.

The story in question came from Cream BMP Daily, and my first thought was,  "How am I finding out about a story like from something other than ESPN or Sport Illustrated?"

Sure enough, with a quick check of Snopes you can find that that Jordan robbery story is a complete farce. Cream BMP is a satire site. If you scroll to their "about me" section you'll find this: Written by comedian CREAM. This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only.
I am assuming the story tied in to some kind of parody about the fact the the release of the Gamma 11 shoes has actually led to numerous violent brawls at shoe stores across the country, but Michael Jordan was not robbed at gunpoint.
Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.