That's right, "meggings". I first saw something about these on Facebook and I thought was "yuck, why?" Men have been teased for decades if they wore spandex, even for cycling and dance. But now, it will become a celebrity fashion and the trickle down might begin, eventually reaching people we actually know. According to "Megging Mania" will begin soon.

Style experts are predicting a 2013 men's fashion trend that will leave little to the imagination: meggings (short for, yes, male leggings). According to the Daily Mail, the stretchy legwear from such manufacturers as deKata Couture is making its way from the celeb set (Lenny Kravitz, Justin Bieber and Russell Brand have already, er, rocked the look) to the mainstream male masses, becoming "the latest must-have" for fashionable guys.