We've had to go without seeing Meteorologist Matt Makens on TV since December. But after a painfully long hiatus, we'll be able end this fasting period and get our daily Makens fix again starting Monday.

Matt left Channel 7 on December 15, 2015, after his contract expired. According to the Denver Post, a non-compete clause kept him from working for another television station until after June 15. Thankfully June 15 is now far behind us.

On Thursday he posted a photo of himself next to Blinky the Clown's mail box atop a roof in Denver, announcing he had a new job.

"Here's a hint as to which station I'll be on," he said. "Natives, you'll recognize this guy...I watched him every morning on this channel."

"Are you going to be Blinky?" asked one confused Facebook user.

"There's only one Blinky," he replied. True that, Matt Makens. There really is only one Blinky.

There's also only one Matt Makens, and we'll finally have him back on TV. Starting Monday, everyone's favorite weather man will be joining the team at Channel 2 (Colorado's Own The CW 2), "primarily at 7pm," he says on Facebook.

Congratulations on the new gig, Matt! As irreplaceable as Blinky is, I'd kinda like to hear your rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song anyway.