We have all felt that panic at one point. We walk out of the mall, airport or something along those lines and we can't find our car. We swear we parked next to a light but its not there! Then we find it, laugh and go on about our day. Well, it didn't turn out so well for a guy in Germany who lost his car for two years!Back in December 2010, the 33-year-old German man had a rough night of heavy drinking and found another way home, thinking he would just get his car in the morning. He arrived the next day to get his car and couldn't find it to no avail so he declared it as missing.

Well, last month his car was found by police, three miles from where he said he had left it! On top of that there was about $51,000 worth of tools in the car so he was even more happy to get it back.

What is the longest you have gone looking for your car?