Just because something is weird doesn't mean it isn't also amazing.  For instance, I never would have thought of combining activities like running (let alone biking and swimming) with something like juggling.

According to The Huffington Post, 31-year-old Joe Salter completed a triathlon on April 21st while juggling the whole time.  Yes, he even juggled while swimming!

Salter swam the required quarter-mile while juggling three balls, juggled two balls in one hand while biking 16.2 miles, and continued juggling as he ran four miles.  He didn't drop a single ball during the running and biking; but while swimming...

"I dropped balls three times while I was in the water and I was wondering if I should count them as 'dropped balls' since they just floated on the surface and didn't actually drop," Salter laughed. "It would have been worse if I had dropped them while biking because it would have been time-consuming to go back and pick them up."

Oh, and did I mention?  He completed the triathlon in 1 hour and 57 minutes!

Weird?  Yes.  Awesome?  Absolutely!

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