Today’s dumb criminal comes to us from Loveland. Our guy got out of jail last week, but this week he decided to rob a vet hospital in Fort Collins.

Problem was he left his prison release papers at the scene of this week’s crime. Oops.

According to the Coloradoan, the 52-year-old was “waiting for a friend and picking up a dog” at the Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital on South Lemay in Fort Collins. When no one was looking our guy grabbed an oragne hospital laptop and took off.

Police caught him, 40 minutes after the crime. Possibly identified by his “Angry Birds” knit hat, or the bright orange stolen laptop sticking out of his backpack.

But here’s the best part, when he stole the laptop from the vet hospital, he left an envelope on the counter. (By mistake I hope) That envelope contained his Larimer County Jail release papers that he had received last week.

I’m guessing he’ll be spending some more time back in prison now.