I am a little sad. I went into Life of the Party the other day to find some stuff for the  Ultimate 80's Party happening on March 30th and while I was being helped I found out some sad news. Come Monday, Life of The Party MAY be starting to go out of business. It all depends if some certain ducks fall in place!

People around me tend to throw last minute themed parties and I have used Life of the Party time and time again for those last minute costumes. I have even gone in to get some fun novelties or something along those lines. And they may not be there any more to help out with those last minute costumes or even planned costumes! I love any excuse to dress up and they have always been there to help out. Everything from Zombie Crawl, 80's Party to spontaneous crazy hats party.

There may be some good news though because there are a couple of potential buyers that may keep them in business. More information will be coming out next week so keep your fingers crossed and here's hoping!