Two 27-year-olds were arrested by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office yesterday in west Fort Collins. According to the Coloradoan, they were arrested in connection with raids that secured over 375 pounds of marijuana, guns and prescription-type drugs.

The Coloradoan says the two people arrested were Asa Ziebell and Katie McCormick, who were arrested in homes on the 2000 block of Davis Ranch Road and the 600 block of La Escena Drive in west Fort Collins.

‘We believe they moved here two years ago from Lacrosse, Wisconsin with the specific purpose of growing marijuana for sale,’ sheriff’s spokesman John Schulz said, adding that they were distributing within Colorado as well as outside the state.

Apparently there are more charges pending against these two and more people are expected to be arrested.

Wow, 375 pounds of Marijuana!? (I honestly don’t know much about the stuff outside of what I learned from movie ‘Half-Baked’, so I did a little research for you.)

According to the PriceOfWeed the drug ranges in price from about $100-$300 per ounce. Meaning that this stash of weed Police seized should have been worth between $600,000 and 1.8-Million dollars.