In news that could be considered wonderful, jousting is no longer limited to Renaissance fairs and dinner shows!  In fact, you can now take jousting lessons from a seasoned professional; and you don't even have to venture outside of Northern Colorado!The Coloradoan reports the Knights Edge Jousting Academy has recently started training jousters at the equestrian center on Highway 14, just East of Fort Collins.

The Academy is run by Patrick Lambke, a seven-time world jousting champion.  You may know him as The Black Knight if you've seen National Geographic's "Knights of Mayhem." He says his goal is to make jousting an Olympic sport, and he thinks Fort Collins is a great place to raise interest and form a training hub.

While he specializes in the more commonly known heavy armor jousting, Lambke is teaching his students a more lightweight version of the sport with less armor, lighter shields and an emphasis on technique.

I think this is awesome!  While I'd never do it personally, I think our area could benefit a lot if this catches on.  People could potentially travel to Fort Collins from all over the world if Lambke gets his wish of making jousting an Olympic sport.  It could really put Northern Colorado on the map. Plus, jousting is just cool!

What do you think about jousting making a comeback?  Check out these videos of Lambke and then leave a comment below!