This afternoon the band 'Imagine Dragons' stopped by the Point studios. They're playing the Aggie Theatre tonight, they have a new EP called 'Continued Silence', a new album in the works, and a great new song in 'It's Time'.

Check out some of the fun when they chatted with Derek and I this afternoon.Imagine Dragons hail from Las Vegas and have released three independent EPs. Their latest is a six-song EP called 'Continued Silence,' which features the song 'It's Time.' Hear what they had to say about the album and working with Alex Da Kid.

Wayne (guitar) also chimed in on one of the best parts about being signed to a label...the food!

And of course they gave us a little insight behind the song 'It's Time.'

Dan and Wayne of 'Imagine Dragons'

We also learned that the band name origin is kind of a secret. 'Imagine Dragons' is actually an anagram for what their name was going to be, until they thought better of it. So feel free to rearrange the letter in their name and try to decipher what the real name was. But you won't know if you're right or not, they haven't even told their manager what it was.

'Imagine Dragons' just played Colorado Springs and played a sold out show in Denver last night. Tonight they're at the Aggie Theatre with 'You Me and Apollo' and 'Maxwell Hughes' opening up the show. Tickets are just $10.

Check out the band's official website and their Facebook page. And enjoy their video for 'It's Time' below. Cool stuff!