The ultrasound is an amazing mark of technology and a huge medical advance from the x-ray.  The kind of ultrasound I'm talking about is technically ultrasonography, the kind used to see fetuses in the womb. Basically sound waves are presenting an image, that's how I interpret the words I don't understand anyways.  The first time you see your baby on that ultrasound screen is amazing.  Print picture and frame! The 4th, 6th and 10th time it loses it's thrill a little.

A twin pregnancy creates a lot more medical concern.  I don't believe it has to, but it does. An identical twin pregnancy with a little growth discrepancy between the two babies creates even more medical concern, because of something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. So this leads us to a lot of ultrasound monitoring.

Ultrasounds present images of these babies (cute parasites) inside my huge belly. It makes them real.  I LOVE that! I love being reassured their little hearts are beating and hearing things like "look they have hair already" is fun. In this one to the right, it's our tinier babies lips and nose, it makes them real.

I HATE that each and every time(weekly now) we go for an ultrasound, we are there to put worry to rest. We don't know if we are headed to the hospital for immediate delivery or not. But probably the worst part is the level of inaccuracy in ultrasound.  These are measurements made by a human. A centimeter off can mean premature babies to us. Most recently a skilled tech measured one of their bellies and that one measurement meant they were only 11% different in size which would've been awesome, the doctor remeasured and what he got brought us back up to 20% different, not great.

I'm 34 weeks and a few days now, which in twin pregnancy land is something to be proud of. I'm still working and feeling mostly good.  Which I attribute to 100+ grams of protein and a gallon of water a day plus a good attitude. There's two babies in my belly. I'm a super human growing 2 humans!  Do you hear that 'roar'?


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My name is Kama and I'm a Mom...and that just freaks me out sometimes. I'm a bunch of other things that used to seem really important, but somehow being a Mom blurs those other things into mush. I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter and twin boys on the way. Everyday I have a "holy s**t, I can't believe I'm a Mom" moment and those get shared here