This morning on Twitter, I was alerted by reporter Trevor Hughes that a photo-radar SUV was set up on northbound Shields Street, near Colorado State University.

It’s been a long time since I had my mug snapped by one of those photo vans and it got me wondering how much a photo radar ticket costs these days in Fort Collins.

I've only received two speeding violations in my life, one in Wyoming, and the other was a photo radar snapshot on Prospect Road. Back when I got my ticket it was $44 (I think). Not the kind of bill a poor college kid enjoyed getting in the mail, but at least it didn't have any points attached to it.

According to the City of Fort Collins, current Colorado state law says there will be no points assessed on your driver’s license for camera radar/red light tickets, unless you are going more than 25MPH over the posted limit. If you do that you are committing a criminal offense and you can (and will) be given a 6-point speeding ticket and be cordially invited to a court appearance.

Photo radar tickets are handled through the Fort Collins Municipal Courts and they list the fines as:

  • $40 for speeding 10-19MPH over the limit
  • $80 for speeding 10-19MPH over the limit in a school zone
  • $75 for running a red light camera

I’m not sure why there are no listings on their fine schedule for 20-24MPH over the limit, but somehow I doubt you get a free pass if you're speeding in that range.

You can find out all the info you need about traffic cameras and photo radar here from the City of Fort Collins and even information on how and where you can pay for fines.

I talk to some people that have never been sent a photo radar ticket, and others that are quite the opposite. One friend in particular, whom I will not name, has paid well-over $1,000 in photo radar fines over the past decade. One might say he is not lucky, however, has not received an actual ticket from a police officer. Go figure.