All together now, 1,2,3 WEEEEEEEE! I am super excited that it is finally time for the Holiday Twin Drive-In to open and they are opening with a fierce roar! This Friday the hallowed gates will open and people will flow through them to see 1 of the 2 huge blockbusters from the comfort of their cars. This weekend you can see on screen 1: 'The Hunger Games', co-hit, 'Chronicle'. On screen 2: 'The Lorax', co-hit, 'Mirror, Mirror' and they start when the sun goes down. If you have never been to this great local attraction, you my friend are missing out. If you have, you know what I am talking about. For some reason, nothing really beats packing pillows and blankets in your car with all the snacks you can handle and staying up late watching 2 movies back to back while the sounds blast through your speakers. It is truly a great experience.

Holiday Twin Drive-In has been a great local feature for over 30 years! Make sure to go as often as you can so we can keep them around! :)

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