The Larimer Sheriff says the High Park Fire in Colorado remains at 36,930 acres with 0% containment as of 4pm this afternoon. And it looks like lightning is to blame for the start of this fire.I had heard rumors swirling that this was started by a controlled burn that got out of control, but today it was announced that they believe it was, in fact, lightning that ignited the giant blaze.

And speaking of rumors, no calls for evacuations or pre-evacuations have been placed within the city of Fort Collins or its immediate outskirts yet. If that were to happen residents would be alerted through official channels.

According to the Sheriff's office is the northeast portion of the fire near Bonner Peak is one of their primary concerns right now.  They said they are talking with the Glacier View Fire District for possible evacuations in the future, but there have been no pre-evacuation notices sent out there yet.

I don't know about you, but watching all of this go down is almost surreal. The size and scope of this fire is like nothing we've ever seen in Larimer County.