Over the past few nights I have spent a few hours each night milling down some rough stock 2 x 6 boards. They were twisted, bowed and pretty difficult to work with. Thankfully after hours of work, they became usable boards for the table. Last night I finished milling down the final apron to put the table legs to size.

This is what I came out with after it was all said and done last night:


Matt Sparx

I still have to cut the length down to the final dimensions, which have yet to be determined. The table will however be over 8 feet long when the top is finished.

Thankfully, everything worked out and across the legs are even... The photo, not so much.

Matt Sparx

I have decided that to add rigidity to the table, I will be adding braces that ascend from the bottom center of each leg towards the middle of the table and hoping to accomplish getting those finalized this weekend along with the milling to dimension of the braces.

The table is coming along... Slowly but surely as I am shooting for the completion date to be mid October depending on how the top goes.