Better traffic flow and less congestion? Sounds good right? Traffic lights in Greeley are getting a second round of high-tech upgrades. A new fiber optic communication system is in the works on the west side of Greeley.

After the high-tech upgrade is complete, about a doze cameras will monitor traffic throughout the city.

What does this mean to us when we drive around Greeley?

Construction on the new system began last fall, and now, 27 of Greeley’s traffic signals can transfer information faster and with more detail than ever before, said Eric Bracke, traffic engineer for Greeley. The project is part of plans set by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, which aim to improve traffic communication on things like road conditions and traffic flow across northern Colorado.

Fiber optic systems can transfer an unlimited amount of information in real time, Bracke said. So drivers will hopefully notice less congestion and better flow.

The City of Greeley received a $3.1 million federal grant that will cover the cost of the new system.