If you're going to work in Greeley on June 22, why not bike there? Wednesday, June 22, starting at 5:30am, Greeley is holding its Bike to Work Day and it promises to be tons of fun this year.

Not only are encouraged to get some exercise and save on gas to get to work this morning, but you can get free breakfasts (yep, more than one!) and a t-shirt for participating. There will be many (and new) breakfast stations all along the path Wednesday morning as well as a t-shirt to all bikers.

The Greeley Bike Blog lists all the routes for the Greeley and surrounding areas that will be blocked off. Cones will be placed along the routes for safety at 5:30am for the morning commute and then placed on the other side of the shoulder at 3:00pm for the evening commute back home. Don't forget your helmets!