I'm getting to the age where finding a gray hair now and again is not too uncommon. And I have a feeling that having a 5-week old daughter will soon lead to plenty more grays sprouting on my head.

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Some celebrities hide their gray hair. ) Matt LeBlanc admitted that he dyed his hair the entire time he was on "Friends.") Others celebrate their grayness. (George Clooney has had gray hair since his 30’s, and Anderson Cooper’s hair starting turning silver when he was 20)

There is a great debate over whether-or-not gray hair makes men look old, distinguished, sexy, decrepit, or somewhere in between.

There is even a full range of beauty products for men’s hair and beards hat do anything from cover up any trace of gray, to enhance a few ‘touches’ of gray, to bleach and platinum treatments that enhance the all-gray look.