Friends have rallied around Craig Towler after his legs had to be amputated following a tragic accident on July 4th in Boulder. This life-long fitness and health fanatic is recovering at a Denver hospital. After putting on the Star Spangled Splash Run at the Boulder Reservoir, Craig was pinned between two vehicles and his legs were all but severed off.

Police said a teen driver was texting when he crashed into a parked vehicle, pushing it into another parked car. 28-year-old Craig Towler was in between the vehicles.

According to his GoFundMe Page;

While he was conscious, Craig found the heroic strength to instruct his roommates and neighbors to lower him to the ground and use belts to tourniquet his legs. Doctors later said that he saved his own life and that he is a man of incredible strength and will. Fortunately, Craig will survive, but without the use of his legs.