Reo lawn mower, sideIf you live in Fort Collins you can get often get rebates on things like photovoltaic systems and refrigerators and freezers, but now now you can get up to $50 just for "going green" with your lawn mower.

Did you know that one gas-powered lawn mower can produce the same amount of air pollution in one hour as 11 cars.

According to the City Of Fort Collins you can receive a rebates of $25 for purchasing a push-reel or electric lawn mower and another $25 rebate for recycling your old gas mower. You can also earn a $25 rebate for signing up for a year of  sustainable lawn service.

There are a lot of specifics and some forms you have to fill out, but hey, if you're anything like me an extra $50 sure would look nice in your wallet.

Click here for all the details from The City of Fort Collins and to print out your rebate forms. (Rebates are available through June 30th, 2013.)