Many of us are salivating over the start date of January 26, 2014, when Girl Scout cookies go on sale again in Colorado, but we'll be paying a bit more for our cookies this year. Apparently the price of the cookies is going up by 50-cents in the metro-area.

According to 9News, cookies used to cost $3.50 per box, but this year they will be $4.00. (Other locations in the county raised their prices last year.)

What do we have to blame for this price increase? "Inflation and the rising cost of the raw ingredients."

I've decided I really hate inflation. It seems everything I buy has gotten ridiculously expensive in the past five years. Girl Scout cookies are just one of many things that costs more than they used to. My bank account disapproves.

Oh, well. I doubt en extra 50-cents is going to stop many people from buying cookies.