Who wears short-shorts? Well this Florida teen would, if she could have her way. She faces battery charges for how she reacted to her mother telling her she couldn't wear her daisy dukes.

According to NFWDailyNews, police were called to a residence to investigate a disturbance. Our 15-year-old girl had a pair of really short shorts she wanted to wear to school, but Mom said no. The mother claims the girl then became verbally combative about the whole incident, so she decided to remove some electronics from the girl’s room as punishment.

The girl came in an unleashed a profanity-laced tirade on her mother who, in turn, admitted to smacking the girl’s mouth for cursing at her. After that,

The girl knocked her mother's glasses off, kicked and bit her several times, and tried to choke her before fleeing the house.

I thinking the short-shorts problem is way down on the list of ones that need to be dealt with in this family right now.

Picture by tinou bao, Flickr.