If you find out that you are a spirit and you are alone, have no fear! If you can get access to a computer you can sign up for Ghostsingles.com to find your match in the afterlife. No joke. Well, not that I could find.   The site is laid out like any other singles site except you can look for ghosts between the ages of 18 and 1000+ and you can also search by how they died. The choices are horribly, mysteriously, tragically and suddenly. I am assuming that peacefully isn't an option because it is said that the spirits that died peacefully move on while the others stay behind.

When you are filling out your profile  it has some funny choices for your marital status, your build and how you were referred. Some of the choices for build are wispy, airy, and cloudy as well as a few others.

Whomever developed this site has a lot of time on their hands. Click Here to check out the sites and some lucky ghost singles.