UPDATE: Gelazzi has since re-opened under new management.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your favorite restaurant... Okay, so Fort Collins' Gelazzi wasn't so much a restaurant as a dessert bar; but still, will the closures never end?

According to the Coloradoan, the gelato store at 128 S. College Ave. closed its doors because owner Jan Horsfall decided to get out of the business.

Horsfall, also a member of the CSU College of Business Entrepreneurship Council, had rapid expansion plans for Gelazzi when the company opened in 2003. In published interviews Horsfall predicted 50 franchises in 2009 and 1,900 by this year, franchises that never materialized as the recession took hold.

I haven't lived close to that neighborhood for a few years now; but I still found my way to Gelazzi at least once each summer, and I loved it each time.  I'm really sad to see this one go.

The Fort Collins Gelazzi was one of three to shut down; there were also locations in Denver and Highlands Ranch.

My thoughts go out to all the former Gelazzi employees.  I hope you can find work soon!

Did you ever go to Gelazzi?  What was your favorite thing about it?