I’m sure we’ve all wondered what it feels like to be shot. But only a moron would ask his friend to actually shoot him. And one step further down the intelligence scale is the guy’s friend who said, “Sure, I’ll shoot ya!”

Police in Virginia arrested a man and charged him with wreck less endangerment after he shot his friend in the leg, by request!


According to the Times-Standard, the 25-year-old was hanging out with his buddy. The friend requested that he shoot him in the leg so he could know what it feels like. Our guy grabbed a .22-caliber rifle and popped one off in his friend’s leg.

The shooting victim is expected to make a full recovery, while the shooter is taken to jail and charged.

I think I’d rather not ever know what it’s like to be shot. But if I change my tune, I sure know who to call!

Picture by magnoid, Flickr.