Much to the chagrin of retail marijuana enthusiasts, the Fort Collins City Council left a meeting last night split on a decisions to allow retail sales in the city, or to place another ban on it before March 31st, 2014.

According to the Rocky Mountain Collegian, Wade Troxell and Gino Campana were both opposed to allowing immediate retail sales and suggested at least a two-year ban, while Bob Overbeck said that a retail ban would be imposing on the individual liberties of citizens.

You can read more about what was discussed at the meeting from the Collegian.

City Council should have another meeting on March 4th, where they will begin to make their final decisions. As it stands right now, by March 31st, retail marijuana will be legal and regulated in Fort Collins, or there will be another ban placed on it.

What will the outcome be? Who knows, but I'm sure places like Choice Organics and Flower Power Botanicals will be standing by in a continued-limbo with bated breath.

Here is what is still posted to the City of Fort Collins website.

Also in November 2012, voters state-wide passed Amendment 64 allowing the recreational use of marijuana and establishing a framework for retail businesses. Amendment 64 gives local jurisdictions options to allow retail businesses or ban them.

Council adopted a temporary ban on first reading September 3 (second reading on September 17), which temporarily bans retail marijuana businesses until March 31, 2014 to allow staff adequate time to research options, conduct public outreach, and formulate recommendations. Retail marijuana will be discussed at Council Work Sessions in November and February 2014 to update Council on progress and finalize Council direction.

What do you think the Fort Collins City council is going to decide? (Or what should they decide?)