It's been nearly 40 years since the Foothills Fashion Mall was built in the heart of Fort Collins. This holiday season will be its last before big renovation plans begin for the mall.

There are big ideas brewing for the new renovation project for the mall. The mall's newest owners have set an aggressive deadline and plan to finish the renovation in time for the 2014 holidays.

Although there are no set plans when the renovation will begin there are big plans in store for the area.The owners have come up with a plan to make a smaller indoor mall but adding more upscale stores to the surrounding area. They also plan to incorporate a movie theater, restaurants, parking garage and 600-800 apartments on the 74 acre lot.

If you have been in the mall recently it's fairly obvious how down hill it has gone. Many stores have shut their doors in the last few years. And many black Friday shoppers were disappointed when only two stores were open at midnight Friday morning and the remainder of the mall was closed until 6 a.m. Many stores have plans of shutting their doors starting as soon as this January.