Six bars in Old Town Fort Collins will start using new technology that scans I.D.'s and photographs patrons to help keep troublemakers from moving from bar to bar.

JoeInSouthernCA via Flickr

The new system will allow bars to work with each other in a way that they can "flag" certain patrons if they are causing trouble and each bar can then decide if they want to let them enter.

The new system can scan I.D. cards to ensure the patrons are of legal age to drink as well as linking their name to a photograph. The system does not however take down any other information. After a 24 hour period each patrons name and photograph are erased from the system. However if you do get "flagged" by the system you will remain in the system until someone on bar staff erases you from it.

Dawn Nannini, a member of TEAM Fort Collins who helped acquire the new technology stated, “A lot of energy went into making sure that a group of big late-night venues came online at once. Their interest is in protecting their customers.”

The 6 bars in Old Town that are adapting the new system want to create a welcoming and safe environment for their customers and anyone looking to cause trouble should just go home.

“It’s not likely that these scanners will be used all of the time. The focus will be on weekend nights, when the crowds start coming on. It adds that extra layer of oversight for the bar staff,” Nannini said. “They really want people to come in and feel safe and be safe.”

Bar owners are skeptical that the new security system may detour customers from entering their bars. However, owner of the Steakout Saloon on Mountain Avenue is saying the new system is being used to ensure the safety of their customers and the safety of their bars by preventing fights and miners from drinking.