As a uniformed officer of the law, you are held to a higher standard than most people. You’d think going to strip clubs might be something a police officer might try and keep on the down low. (You'd also think they'd wait until they are off duty to go!)

But a deputy in Florida was fired for repeatedly going to strip clubs, in uniform, while on duty.

According to the Sun Sentinel this particualr deputy was fired after an internal investigation determined that he had embarrassed the agency, lied on police reports, and skipped official calls in order to extend his visits to multiple strip clubs.

To top it off, three of the clubs he visited while on duty (The Booby Trap, The Cheetah III, and Allstar's) were outside his jurisdiction. So not only was he wearing his badge into these places, he was leaving the areas he was supposed to be patrolling.

Investigators tracked him for five weeks and found:

  • In week one he worked 36 hours with over 10 of those hours at strip clubs.
  • In week two he worked 44 hours with over 10-and-a-half of those at strip clubs.
  • In week three he worked 36 hours and spent almost nine of those at strip clubs.
  • In week four he put in 32 hours, five of which were spent at strip clubs.
  • And in week five, he worked 36 hours and about 10-and-a-half of those were at strip clubs.

His excuse?

"I'm not a bad person,'' he told BSO investigators in a sworn statement. "I just sometimes do dumb things.''

Hey at least he knows it.

Picture by twodolla, Flickr.