As the resident "Cat Lady" at the radio stations in Northern Colorado, I feel it's my duty to help you determine the best Halloween costume for your cat.

The National Retail Federation just released the results of a survey saying:

16% of people plan to dress their pet up for Halloween

While most can make the argument that the "pet" in this survey is likely a dog, your cats still would like to get in on the costume craze. At least I'm assuming that's what cats are saying to us. In reality, they are probably saying "Don't dress me up. I'm a cat." If you feel that you want to dress your cat up for Halloween, check out some of the Etsy costumes available.


You can shop the Unicorn Cat, Witch Cat, Toast Cat, Lion Cat, and Shark Cat by clicking on these links.

There are many uses for the Shark Cat as well.  See the video of a cat dressed as a shark, chasing a duck, while riding a Roomba.