Locking your keys in your car? It happens to the best of us. Locking yourself in a car’s trunk? That’s just plain stupid, and this guy locked himself inside someone else’s trunk!

According to the ABC News, a California man decided to break in to a vehicle and help himself to the contents inside. I would think most robbers might use their hands to rummage through a trunk, but for some reason boy-genius here decided to climb inside to do his criminal rummaging.

No surprise here, but after popping the trunk and climbing in, it latched and locked him inside.

A security guard called police after hearing the man’s screams coming from the trunk.

Once they got him out the man tried to say that he had been hit on the head and stuffed inside the car trunk. However, with him he had stolen items from another vehicle he had broken into.


When all was said and done he was charged with two counts of theft, and was probably the butt of every joke in the Fresno Police station that week.

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Photo from tylertate, Flickr.