Today’s DCOTD is yet another Floridian with a really bad excuse for doing something stupid.

A DUI suspect allegedly fled the scene of an accident (an accident he didn’t know he was in), claiming he ran away because he had to go to the bathroom -- really bad!

According to the Gainesville Times, his guy “unknowingly” crashed his car into another vehicle and some newspaper boxes and then fled the scene trying to find a toilet.

Police tracked him down at a nearby Walmart where they found him with smelling of booze with bloodshot and watery eyes.

According to his police report he refused a breathalyzer and stated,

“I didn’t realize I hit somebody. (I) pulled into the next stop ... I had the runs, I had to go.”

How drunk do have to be to not realize you hit another car AND some newspaper boxes?!

I’m guessing the ‘I wasn’t drunk, I had to go to the bathroom’ excuse won’t didn’t hold up in court. He faces charges of DUI, hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury.