One thing I love about the internet, namely YouTube, is the fact that you can find really old videos.  Whether it's hilarious hip-hop Wendy's training videos from 1989, or the commercial that introduced the very first Macintosh computer, you can probably find it online if you search hard enough.  Today, though, I came across a video that really serves as a testament to how far we've come.  Check out this 1980's commercial for Motorola mobile telephones.

Only 30 ounces?  Wow! (Just in case you were wondering, that's 1.87 pounds.  Light as a...brick!)

The funny thing for me is, not only did I watch that video on my smart phone, but I remember when my parents bought that exact phone back in the day.  The antenna was so long, I used to wave it around like a sword when mom wasn't looking!  Ah, nostalgia.