On this day back in 1865 Abraham Lincoln was just watching a play having a great time when BAM! he was shot by John Wilkes Booth. What better way to remember our 16th President than featuring 4 awesome videos that I found on youtube with Abraham Lincoln in them. Enjoy!

4. Lincoln Past Cast

What would it have been like for Lincoln to have the internet and a web cam? Now you know.

3. Lincoln Rap Battle With Chuck Norris

Honest Abe can lay down some sick raps in his battle with Chuck Norris (WARNING: LANGUAGE)

2. What Really Happened To Lincoln the Night of the Play

The Whitest Kids You Know tell us why Abe was really assassinated that night.

1. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

You had a feeling this was going to be on here didn't you. I am super excited about this movie.