In a move that has many people, myself included, scratching their heads, the city of Denver will be testing it's outdoor emergency sirens today. With the "end of the world" supposedly predicted by the Myans, a lot of people are foolishly on edge and terrified that something horrible will happen today. So, what is Denver doing? Blaring the emergency sirens that are supposed to signal people that something is terribly wrong.

Great idea...

Bear in mind, if you are going to Denver today and you hear alert sirens, it is NOT time to panic. It's just the city testing it's emergency system on a day they probably shouldn't be.

According to 9News there are over 77 sirens in the Denver area that could be tested throughout the day at various locations. And they say the city gave this statement:

If you hear an outdoor warning siren in Denver tomorrow, it is a test, not the end of the world ;)

It sounds almost like they are trying to make a joke about the whole apocalypse (which I am all for), but I do wonder how many people are going to freak out when they hear those sirens. Not everyone reads the news.

Honestly, my only fear about today is that someone will do something stupid because they think they world really is ending. Hearing emergency sirens like these could easily set someone off who has convinced themselves that the "end is nigh".

Here's to hoping the tests go off without a hitch.