Despite loving technology, occasionally I fear that humanity is becoming too dependent upon it.  I usually manage to dismiss this worry pretty quickly; but then I see a story like this one, and I start to worry again.

The Brisbane Times reports that some Japanese tourists were vacationing in Australia on March 15th, and decided to take a day trip to North Stradbroke Island.  They rented a car equipped with GPS, and set off.

Now, anybody who's used GPS driving directions knows that they can get a bit cheeky when it comes to crossing bodies of water, but one would hope people wouldn't take these instructions literally.  Alas, not the case with these folks.  The tourists' GPS indicated they should drive through the bay to the island, so that's what they tried to do!  Apparently, low tide made the drive look possible, so whay not just trust the GPS?  Right?  ...Right?

A firm gravel surface quickly gave way to the renowned bay mangrove mud and the Hyundai Getz was soon up to its axles, but not before they managed to travel about 500 metres.

Luckily, nobody was injured; but hopefully, more people will think twice before trusting in the technology upon which we rely so heavily.  Just use some common sense!

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