The Who is a legendary band.  It only makes sense that its members still get approached to play shows.  You might say that the members of The Who have been immortalized through their music; but apparently, saying things like that can be confusing to Olympics organizers.

Bill Curbishley, the manager for the 1960's rock band, was recently approached by organizers of the upcoming London Olympics.  Their request seemed simple enough: the were wondering of drummer Keith Moon could perform at one of the Olympic ceremonies.  And I'm sure Moon would have loved to perform, if he hadn't died 34 years ago.

"I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green crematorium, having lived up to The Who's anthemic line 'I hope I die before I get old,'" Curbishley told "If they have a round table, some glasses and candles, we might contact him."

Well if they can get Keith Moon for the Olympics, then there's no reason I can't get Elvis to come to my next birthday party!

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