While scientists and engineers in the rest of the world are thinking up ways to power cars with corn and hydrogen, the Denver Zoo is going with something a little more...processed.

On Wednesday, Denver Zoo employees introduced the newest part of their Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit: a three-wheel, motorized rickshaw that runs on trash and animal droppings.

I guess when you're pioneering a new idea, you have to utilize your most abundant resources, right?

According to the Denver Post, this unique method for renewable energy will eventually be used to power the entire Elephant Passage exhibit.

The whole process will occur on the zoo grounds, reducing the cost of trash and compost removal. Even with the increase in manpower needed to run the system, the zoo will save $150,000 a year in hauling costs.

The waste will be streamed together and compacted into pellets that are thermally broken down and used to charge batteries and fuel heaters, pumps and other machinery that requires energy.

I know something like this might seem kinda gross right now, but think about where this could lead...

Dare to dream!

Check out the video coverage of the "tuk tuk" rickshaw below, then feel free to leave comments!

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