Apparently the new thing to do is steal Tide. No, not part of the ocean. We are talking the laundry detergent. Theft of the detergent has become so bad from New York to Oregon that officials are creating a special task force to deal with it and some stores are locking it up. Officials are saying that the detergent can fetch $10-$20 dollars on the black market and it has become a form of currency on the streets. It even has the nickname, liquid gold. Officers suspect a link to the drug trade and they are saying in a recent drug bust they turned up more Tide than drugs.

Thieves are loading up shopping carts full of Tide and then bolting out of the door to a getaway car that is waiting.

A Spokeswoman for Procter & Gamble stated;

We don’t have any insight as to why the phenomenon is happening, but it is certainly unfortunate.

Why do you think that they are doing this? Also, if it is the new form of currency I am pretty sure at one point I had 3 bottles at my house. I was rich and didn't even know it.