Craigslist is a boon for getting rid of old stuff, finding deals, free stuff, job hunting, personal ads and just about anything you could imagine (Really…anything!). But I think one of the most entertaining features they offer is called “Missed Connections.”

Basically people can post ads trying to connect with someone who caught their eye. (The grocery store clerk that was batting her eyelashes at you, the bartender who kept giving you free drinks or the hottie that works across the building from you.) But some of these “missed connections” read more like bad comedy skits.

Now, some of these missed connections are actually kind of cute. Some of them are people who find lost items and are trying to return them, And I’d guess a fair number of people actually make connections via Craigslist.

But the real entertainment comes from the posts that reek of bad grammar, desperation and a complete and utter disregard for human decency.

Friendly tip: If you’re trying to use your words to catch that special someone’s eye, hit the spell check and do a little proofreading before you post it.

Check out this one from Fort Collins Craigslist:


“I felt like you wanted me to follow you to the bathroom?! What kind of c-grade porn does that kind of romantic tale come from?

Or how about this one:

“I took a good long look at your sweaty body at the railroad tracks?” That line must really get the ladies swooning!

You can see some of worst-of-the-worst Missed Connection ads here (FYI lots of them are NSFW). And check this out; a missed connections posting from Chicago where a woman was supposedly looking for the man that impregnated her at a Motorhead concert!

Missed Connection: A missed connection is an occurrence where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost. These missed connections are generally associated with romance, but they may also be business-related or otherwise. Through the use of publications and websites some people seek to reconnect with their missed connection.

So, would you ever post to missed connections, or have you ever found a post in which someone was talking about you?

You're going to go check it now aren't you?