I love my two Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs and being a corgi owner, I was elated to see this story from CTV News. A corgi had to have a surgery at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins that had never been done before.

Why was I elated? Because it looks like Sydney the corgi pulled through it with flying colors and you'll never guess who paid for the procedure.

According to CTV, Sydney had to have a pacemaker put in when she was three and was recently diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome and was also suffering from Canine Cranial Vena Caval Syndrome and she had to have an experimental open heart surgery on her pacemaker in order to survive. And she did!

Now, onto the extra-heartwarming part of this story. Most pet medical procedures are not cheap, especially ones that have never been done before. And those decisions are hard for pet owners that often times have to choose between paying their bills or keeping their pets alive. Now Sydney's owner was ready to forgo thousand of dollars (maybe tens of thousands) in order to keep her pooch around, but guess who footed the bill for Sydney's surgery? It was other corgi owners around the world!

A community called Corgi Nation used their Facebook page and website to help fund raise enough money to cover Sydney’s medical expenses...and then some. The money that went above and beyond Sydney's surgery will now be paid forward to the next corgi in need at the CSU VTH.  (The group also sent over 65 'get well soon' cards to the dog, the dog's owner and the surgeon.)

See, there are still a lot of good people in the world! Check out the video of the story from CTV below.

And from one corgi owner the those selfless people of the Corgi Nation, thank you! And good luck Sydney! I hope there are many more years of FRAPing in your future!