UPDATE: There are several pieces of furniture that were not claimed or picked up by those on the waiting list, so if you're still interested in our furniture, please check out our parking lot at 600 Main Street in Windsor, CO, 80550!

Chairs #4, #7, and #3, as well as desk set #8, desk #1, #9, #5, and cabinet #6 have been claimed.  We will update this blog as things change.  Thank you so much for all the interest!

Every radio station is full of more than just studios-- we've got offices for sales, our General Manager, and more.  Pretty soon, our offices are going to get a makeover and we're getting new furniture...which means our current stuff is up for grabs. 

Desks, cabinets, chairs, and more-- if you need help furnishing a new business, your home office, or even just your spare room, we have a ton of stuff for you to take away.

Send an email to madison.scruggs@townsquaremedia.com letting her know what piece of furniture you'd like us to reserve for you (but first come, first serve!).  Then, on March 4 at 9:00 a.m., we'll have Exodus Moving Company in our office parking lot ready to load whatever furniture you'd like into the back of your vehicle.

So flip through the gallery above and let us know what you'd like-- it's all free!