21-year-old Taylor Powers, a student at CU had to be rescued from one of Colorado's lovely mountains over the past weekend due to a bad trip. No, I am not talking about her trip to the mountain either.

While on the hike (or before) she decided it would be a good idea to consume some mushrooms. Not normal mushrooms either. I am talking about the hallucinogenic kind. She started to hallucinate and for some reason stripped naked, and started freaking out. Her friends that were with her had to restrain her while she tried to fight them.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office was called about a female hiker that was high and in distress and that lead 35 deputies and rescue personnel to go and help the troubled lass. When they found her, she was pretty wild and had to be handcuffed and placed in a rescue basket. She was taken to the hospital and cited with unlawful consumption of a controlled substance.