Today's weirdness happened in our own backyard, specifically in the northeastern Colorado town of Brush!

Brush, a town about 90 miles East of Longmont, is home to the Winn family and their dairy cow, Darcy.  According to 9News, recently Darcy got bored and thought she'd escape her pen and take a little stroll.

"We got a call from dispatch asking if my son had a dairy cow. I said, 'Yeah, he has a dairy cow,' and she said it's up at McDonalds," Sandy Winn, Darcy's owner, said.


The Winns said Darcy is a good girl; but if she gets bored she'll do anything for attention.

Darcy was recovered and returned home safely.  No criminal charges were filed against the Winns, since Brush has no law against cows taking walks through town.

The family joked that maybe Darcy was at McDonald's to visit relatives. (har har har)

Have you ever had an unusual run-in with an animal?  Leave a comment about ti and I'll share your story on the air!

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