Weird News

Rare Badger Spotted on CU-Boulder’s Campus
On August 2, Facilities Management at CU-Boulder tweeted out to students and faculty, warning them not to badger the wild animal that had been spotted hanging out on campus earlier in the week.
That's because it was an actual badger, which are not only rare to see in urban ar…
What The Heck Is This Giant Bug Found In The Poudre Canyon?!
Ever seen one?  Kind of looks like a bat mated with a spider.
A friend found this on a hike in the Poudre Canyon this week.  A few of her Facebook friends claim it's either:

An exoskeleton tarantula, or
Just a very healthy-looking wolf spider
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Someone Found A Bomb In Longmont, Then Made A Horrible Mistake
I hope this doesn't ever happen, but... SHOULD you ever find a bomb or another dangerous-looking piece of artillery that looks like it could explode and kill people, here's what NOT to do.
Someone found a rocket, picked it up, and took it to Longmont Police - Perhaps for investigation …
Unique Places To Stay In CO And Beyond
The Clown Motel
This creepy, dinky place is full of clowns in every room.  Also it's next to a cemetery, in case you weren't scared enough already.  It's in Tonopah, which is a historic mining town between Las Vegas and Reno.  Owner Bob Perchetti says the clowns were bro…

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