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Town of Breckenridge Decapitates Troll Statue
There has been quite the talk lately about Isaac the troll in Breckenridge. First, he was put up, people came to see the cool sculpture. Then, residents said he was a pain because people were coming to see him. Recently, the town voted to take the sculpture that was created by a Danish artist by the…
Dash Cam Footage Captures Wheel Smashing in to Car
I will start this article off by saying if you don't have a dash cam, it might be time to get one. I have dash cams in all of our cars, because you never know when you might need hard evidence as to what happened during an accident. If you don't have one and you happen to get into an accid…
DIA Named Best Airport in America
If you have ever been to DIA, you know there is a uniqueness to it. That is probably one of the main reasons why it has been named the best airport in America by the Wall Street Journal!

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