The whole time I was watching this movie I kept asking myself, "what the hell am I watching?" This is one of the weirdest movies I have seen in a while. It wasn't bad, just totally not what I thought. The preview makes it look kinda 'Saw' esque with kids trapped in a cabin and stuff starts going down while someone is watching. It is kind of like that, but then again not.

I really don't want to give anything away so I am not going to talk about it too much. There was some "horror" aspect to it, but there was also humor. Much more humor than to be expected. I caught myself laughing at a joke that happened then asked myself the same question over, "what the hell am I watching?"

The best way to describe it is you have every seen any of the 'Evil Dead' movies it kind of felt like that. A "B" horror movie that had humor in it. This movie was hands down one of the most unique and kind of original movies I have seen in a while. While I would say you don't really need to rush to the theater to see the movie, it is definitely worth a rental.

I give 'Cabin in the Woods' 3 1/2 out of 5 zombie arms

'Cabin in the Woods' is Rated R for strong bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity.