When a crook breaks into someone’s house and gets chased off by a gun-wielding homeowner, I’d expect the crook to never come anywhere near that house again.

Well, a burglar in Washington who was chased off by his intended victim, mid-robbery, actually called the home the next day to try and make a trade for some of the items he stole!

According to UPI the guy broke in to a home around 3AM. One of the homeowners heard the commotion, got his gun and chased off the intruder. But the next day the burglar called the home and offered to barter some of the items he had taken in exchange for a bag that he had left behind.

A bag that had paperwork with his name and personal information in it. (Note to self: leave the briefcase and rolodex at home while robbing people.)

The homeowners ‘agreed’ and the not-so-bright burglar showed up to find the victim waiting with his papers and the police.

Apparently the police said the man was very polite while being arrested and even apologized to the homeowner.

I guess he’s working on his good behavior already.


Picture by Grubby Mits, Flickr.