The idea of visiting all of Fort Collins' breweries in an afternoon always sounds so tempting, but the idea of so many people drinking beers and then driving between breweries is not the best idea in the world.

However, good news is afoot! Starting today two new brewery service shuttles begin operation in Fort Collins!

According to the Coloradoan, the shuttle services are called the "Hops Brewery Shuttle" (Operated by  Green Ride) and "Hops & Shops" (Operated by Super Shuttle).

Both services will run Friday and Saturday’s to start offering rides between the breweries for $10. Both shuttles will be free this weekend. The concept is to provide a safe way to go from brewery to brewery so patrons can enjoy the beer and not have to worry about a designated driver.

This is fantastic news! I mean honestly, how many times have you wished for a shuttle service between breweries. (Yes, you can do it by bike, but if you don't live near old town, or have people in from out of town car is pretty much your only option and then someone needs to play DD for the afternoon.) And $10 doesn't seem to over-the-top to pay for a safe ride.

Kudos to Green Ride and Super Shuttle for making this happen.

Both Hops Brewery Shuttle and Hops & Shops will make stops at:

Picture by lindseygee, Flickr.